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Very unique and rich, you'll smell bright bell pepper with your first sniff- this comes from the green scent of Galbanum. Violets and Rose come out in your middle note, with the rich sweet scent of vanilla from our vanilla bean infusion as well as the benzoin and balsam of peru. Exquisite Orris Root and Virginia Cedar will stay with you for hours, these fixatives are your base note.

You’re walking along a beautiful garden path in late spring, blooming flowers surround you. The air is filled with the scent of iris, rose, jasmine, and violet. The soil is damp and the flower petals still hold onto raindrops, not yet dried by the sun. The rich, wet earth beneath you is fragrant and the indescribable smell of Petrichor and ozone linger in the air. you can’t imagine anywhere else you’d rather be. You feel rooted, like a blooming violet, you are one with the earth.

net weight .33 oz // 9 g // 

UV resistant dark violet glass with glass roller packaged in a custom printed plantable seed paper box, plant your box + watch wildflowers grow.

essential oils of: orris butter (iris root), morrocan rose, benzoin, jasmine, balsam of peru, lavender*, violet leaf, virginia cedar, galbanum*, patchouli*, red mandarin, pink peppercorn in a blend of Vanilla bean* infused jojoba* , sunflower* & coconut oil.
*organic ingredient


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