let's put a bird on it


soft florals of jasmine and chapaca, married with the smooth rich smoky scent of amber and royal hawaiian sandalwood

You are laying next to a pond in a majestic garden filled with delicate, rare flowers. the sun warms your skin as you breathe deep and take in the soft, sweet

scent surrounding you. In the distance, an ancient temple sits among the trees, sweet, smoky incense escapes through the large door. you are at peace.

net weight .33 oz // 9 g // 

UV resistant dark violet glass with glass roller packaged in a custom printed plantable seed paper box, plant your box + watch wildflowers grow.

essential oils of: green mandarin, pink grapefruit*, yuzu*, champaca, jasmine, clary sage*, agarwood*, royal hawaiian sandalwood*, fossilized amber in a blend of sunflower*, jojoba* & coconut oil. *organic ingredient


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