let's put a bird on it


Sultry, floral and long lasting. Exotic Ylang-Ylang and Osmanthus dance together alongside Lavender, Geranium and Jasmine with the an accord of rich woods and citrus.

You lay on a bed of satin sheets, the room is warm from the crackling fireplace,
glowing candlelight surrounds you, you breathe deep and pick up the sweet scent of fresh flowers on the nightstand, The window is open, there is a deep rich earth smell in the air. the breeze tickles your skin. you feel sexy, you are beautiful.

net weight .33 oz // 9 g // 

UV resistant dark violet glass with glass roller packaged in a custom printed plantable seed paper box, plant your box + watch wildflowers grow.

essential oils of: ylang-ylang*, lavender*, jasmine*, osmanthus, geranium*,
green mandarin, pink grapefruit, bergamot*, fossilized Amber, cistus, Amyris
Himalayan Cedar, virginia Cedar, patchouli* in a blend of jojoba* , coconut & Sunflower* oil *organic ingredient



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